LYIVY Diverse

Healthcare Management

Your healthcare coach/consultant, personal nurse, and advocate specifically here for you.  

Fighting for your healthcare and outcomes you deserve.  

What you don't know can harm you.  

We cement the cracks so you don't fall through them.  

The Healthcare Service You May Not Know You Need.

We offer a range of confidential services to help you achieve competent, unbiased medical care. Competent care is not an option, it's a right. Lyivy will team with you to get the care you deserve, work, and pay for.  We will provide adult, non-acute and non-medical healthcare visits, for quality results, and internally discovered solutions to solvable non-medical healthcare situations.  Please reach out to me to inquire about our services that are provided and how Lyivy can earn your trust in healthcare.  Step up, take control, and get in touch below.

  • Becoming partners in your quality health journey. 
  • Problem review, support, and solutioning to accomplish your goals.
  • You do not know your personal health numbers you should be monitoring.
  • You want to take an active stance in your healthcare helping prevent diseases at earlier ages.
  • Healthcare is somewhat intimidating for you.
  • Trusting the health system is an issue for you so you do not seek care as needed.
  • Help organizing a family members healthcare.

"Your Health Our Legacy."

About Us


Establish and build trust in the medical profession for the patient by oversite and support throughout the members lifespan.

Mission Statement

LYIVY will work to increase awareness in healthcare so the person can be their own personal best advocate. Our goal is to help meet the person where they are in their quality healthcare aim, to increase visibility in quality best practices, establish TRUST in communities by knowledge sharing and provide partner/support in healthcare management responsibilities.


Compassionate Motivation

  • Listening and setting goals that are attainable, within reach, and met by you for you. 
  • Knowledge in your healthcare status, will help prevent living with chronic diseases earlier in life.  

Our Services

 Cost efficient quality service.
Keep it simple, protect your temple!

Health Coaching

Coached and empowered to make personal and desired behavior changes for improved wellness.

Personal Nurse Advocate I

Speaking with healthcare providers as needed to help with understanding the treatment plan or healthcare needs.

Personal Nurse Advocate II

  • Help schedule appointments
  • Help maintain healthcare schedules
  • Help review medications
  • Healthcare Provider Planning

    Preparation and follow-up for a healthcare provider visit for proper understanding.

    Medication Review

    Medication understanding and proper usage.

    Hospital Visit Follow Up

    Instruction review provided by the hospital and physician to verify understanding and appropriate follow-up care.

    Sunsetting in Peace (End of Life Planning Forms)

    Necessary forms to prevent end of life confusion when family emotions could be tense.


    The importance of understanding the instructions provided and asking when directions are not understood.

    *Patient's Bill of Rights

    *Insurance Billing understanding.

    We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

    Please allow 24 hours for a reply. Emergencies should call 911.