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Ultraviolet Radiation Prevention Month

The month of July is a time to review UV Radiation awareness and skin cancer.

**Fact… UV radiation is beneficial due to the facilitation of Vitamin D. A substance that is vital to your overall healthcare. Although it is vital, you need to protect yourself from those rays that are harmful.

**Increased risk? It’s good to know if you are at increased risk for skin cancer and how do you know that?

•If you have a light skin completion along with hair and eyes. •Have a family history and spend a lot of time in the sun or have been sunburned, and if you are over the age of 50.

**Protection…How to protect yourself from UV radiation? There are ways to protect yourself. Two ways include: using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF or higher and wraparound sunglasses. Additional ways include using a wide brimmed hat to protect your face, neck, eyes, and ears. If possible, plan day to be in the shade during the midday hours.

**Monitor this monthly for skin cancer in darker skin tones:

Lighter areas on your body, like mucous membranes, hands, and soles of your feet. Also monitor for mole changes, around nails, and areas less exposed to the sun like the groin, buttocks, and lower leg areas. Skin cancers, though less common in darker skin tones are diagnosed later in the disease.

**Plan a visit with LyivyDHM to make sure your preventive measures are up to date, and you are getting quality preventive care provided.

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July 9, 2022

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