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This morning, I woke up thinking that I need to check my blood pressure. I keep a blood pressure cuff here and I decided to check my blood pressure and it’s normal this morning. I give myself a pat on the back because it is something I watch and check closely. I also keep a log and have been for a long while. At least I know, I am not silently being wiped out!

Then I call my children, young African American men, which according to statistics, will get diseases earlier in life, and have biased healthcare. I have them to check theirs. Both normal. To help change these terrible statistics, we must start with the children.

Do you and your children know and understand about this “silent killer”? Let’s discuss now if you have the slightest question in your mind. Let’s change the narrative on these statistics. We need to start with the younger generation to stop these dreadful statistics as they are today and with us adults to make sure we are still healthy in the years ahead to enjoy them and the joy they will bring us.

Check your blood pressure today. Reach out to me if you have questions about where to start. Just begin so your beat can go on! If you are humming the tune to The Whispers “And the Beat goes On” now… enjoy! The younger folks will know the tune to Will Smith’s version “Miami”.
God bless and have a wonderful day!

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August 3, 2023

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