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Studies are showing positive changes after coaching sessions. A friend shared another article near this one and I decided to share this particular one due to the positive outcomes. 😀I am an RN and Certified Wellness Coach. The statistics show that coaching helps people for longer periods of time. Some of the feedback I have received it, “Wow, I really enjoyed the session. I didn’t understand how I could be benefit! I am glad I know now!” Another comment was, “I like that coaching helps me figure out what I will actually do to make the change I need work on my time and schedule.”

*****25 out of 28 studies (90%) had sustained positive coaching effects. Health and wellness coaching will help you change your undesirable behavior for behavior that will improve your quality of health. No more delay, schedule today!

Are Coaching Outcomes Durable & Lasting? | Wellcoaches

WELLCOACHESSCHOOL.COMAre Coaching Outcomes Durable & Lasting? | WellcoachesLast month the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine published an article entitled “Health and Wellness Coaching and Sustained Gains: A Systematic Review” (Ahmann et al., 2023). Three of the six authors of this paper were Wellcoaches trained! The study’s purpose was to determine what is known a…See insights and adsBoost postLikeCommentShare

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August 14, 2023

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