About Us

About Me.

Michelle Rice, BSN, RN, LSSBB, CWC

Michelle is a registered nurse with over 30 years of healthcare experience. She has a passion for improving the lives of those that could use direction and assistance in their healthcare management and enjoys problem solving.  Her nursing experiences include:

  • Bedside Nursing - medical surgical, critical care 
  • Office Nursing - patient education in a primary care center and a patient centered medical home
  • Quality and Case management
  • Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurances

Her experiences and skill set have been developed by management and leadership through much of her career. Having lived and know the nuances of getting good quality healthcare, she is driven by seeing her family, friends and community getting improved, competent and unbiased healthcare.

The WHY?

I have long had a passion of making sure people are treated fairly and competently in healthcare.  I have thought long and hard of solutions of ways I can help and give back.  My company will help its' clientele get quality healthcare with someone that has the passion to see quality medical care provided. Everyone needs to be involved and take ownership of their healthcare and not completely put it in someone's hands.  Lyivy Diverse Healthcare Management is one of the solutions.

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