We offer a range of services to help you achieve competent, unbiased medical care. All services are personal and confidential following HIPAA guidelines. Competent care is not an option, it’s a right. Step up and take control of your healthcare. Lyivy will team with you to get the care you deserve, work, and pay for. Please reach out to me to inquire about our services that are provided and how Lyivy can earn your trust in healthcare. Get in touch below!


Working together to assure and know that your healthcare is current and meets the needs of what is considered best practice. Matching patients up with providers that have their healthcare interests as priority. Problem review, support and solutioning of healthcare issues to accomplish healthcare goals and satisfaction.


To increase visibility into healthcare practices. The client will be equipped with what is considered “good” care. The client will know how to support their issues and get answers to questions while in the healthcare system.


Dive Certification (Diverse Intentional Vitality for Everyone). Clients will maintain and keep in control all health measures for themselves.


Sessions:  $35.00/coaching session. $45.00/Individual RN visit 

Subscription Pricing:  $35.00, then monthly at $20.00/month/visit uninterrupted service

Packages:  $162.00 for 4 visits/yr, (10%) off. Group sessions are available. Contact us.

Business Contracts - Contact us.

(2023.Prices subject to change. Based on 30 minute visits)

Health Coaching

Coached and empowered to make personal and desired behavior changes for improved wellness.

Personal Nurse Advocate I

Speaking with healthcare providers as needed to help with understanding the treatment plan or healthcare needs.

Personal Nurse Advocate II

  • Help schedule appointments
  • Help maintain healthcare schedules
  • Help review medications

Healthcare Provider Planning

Preparation and follow-up for a healthcare provider visit for proper understanding.

Medication Review

Medication understanding and proper usage.

New Diagnosis Planning

New diagnosis plan helper including instructions by your provider. Best practices for the diagnosis and an individualized plan developed with you.

Sunsetting in Peace (End of Life Planning Forms)

Necessary forms to prevent end of life confusion when family emotions could be tense.


The importance of understanding the instructions provided and asking when directions are not understood.

*Patient's Bill of Rights

*Insurance Billing understanding.

Note: These services do not substitute for medical care with your primary care physician. This service is supplemental and in addition to the healthcare you may already receive.

Congratulations on making your healthcare a priority.

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